Racism is a huge issue in Football and EA sports wants to take advantage of their central position in football to lead the fight to end racism by creating a platform, Racism divides, Football Unites and by creating a team that puts us all on the same team against racism. The team that unites people for the one thing that bring us all together, the love we all have for the game. Fear makes you feel alone but there’s strength in numbers and Fearless FC is giving you the courage you need to stand against racism.

Recognition Miami Ad School Live Client - Silver

To launch this platform, we’ve created a campaign that’s going to inspire, activate and create an impact. To inspire, we are releasing this video teaser on social media to introduce you and  welcome you to Fearless FC.

To proudly show you’re with Fearless FC, we’re making a team jersey. We chose the colour blue because it represents safety, peace, harmony, unity, friendship and trust. All the things Fearless FC wants to help foster in our sport.

We will send out our jersey to soccer players to create unboxing videos on their social channels to drive excitement and engagement. Through contesting, users can win a kit as well.

A player guide with info on the team, education on racism in football and how to approach it, and even team chants that denounce racism will be provided.

The jersey will be accessible virtually in FUT and Volta.

To help drive impact we will be donating throughout the campaign to fearless organizations fighting racism and  discrimination in football. To start we’re going to get people to use the social filter and brand hashtags like crazy with EA donating to partner organizationsevery time the filter and hashtag are used

CW - Aman Soin

AD -  Beau Turner + Anna Jenkin + Amira Moussa
Strategists -  Chealsea Santos + Vanessa Valenzuela
Social Strategist - Vivianne Vo